International Double Dutch Championship  2009, 30th & 31st Oct 2009

The Singapore team to the IDDC 2009 is supported by Rope Skipping Singapore and Rulang Primary School.

After an exhausting18 hour flight from Singapore to Paris, we arrive at Charles de Gaulle airportat 1225 hrs. The rest of the day was spent training firstly at the hotel car park, then in the evening at a sports hall with the French team. Their enthusiasm and passion was most inspiring for our girls that they forget all their tiredness and we had a good practice. The next day was registration and practice at Halle Georges Carpentier located in chinatown where we met the other competitors and caught up with some old friends.

The following to days was filled with memorable experiences of both competition and the Parisian hospitality. As part of the competition package, the French organisers played host to a visit to the Eiffel Tower and the famous glass roof boat ride on River Seine. There was also a Halloween party after the closing ceremony of the competition. This year competition was more keen and the teams were generally faster and better. Although our team was the only Asian team, the atmosphere was great and we didn't feel out of place at this biennial meeting of the Double Dutch titans.

After the competition, we went on a tour de Paris and of course Paris Disney Resort. We learned many new Double Dutch skills, made more skippng friends from around the world and improve on our French.

Evon Yak
Team Manager
Singapore Team

Snapshot of IDDC

Ariel with the Hungarian junior DD team called Happy Feet. They broke to world record for double dutch 756 jumps in 2 minutes.

With Yu, Japan masters no. 4 who was in Singapore recently.

More coming soon.

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