Japan tour 2009

Double Dutch Competition Japan.v8 and All Japan Rope Skipping Championship
21-22 March and 31 March 20

This campaign was supported was supported by Rulang Primary School, Rope Skipping Singapore and the parents of the our skippers.

Our Japan tour was from 20 Mar 2009 to 2nd April 2009. The Jumping Jewels where totally immersed in the culture and people after participating in both competitions. The Rulang Primary School team of 12 skipper joined them for the All Japan on 31 March 2009.

We are very proud to announce that all top 3 overall positions for the All Japan Championship are our skippers, infact the Jumping Jewels. Last year's overall champion Ben from Rulang Primary School won 5th overall. At the fusion DDCJ competition the Jumping Jewels won 12th overall position in the high school catergory. The 3 months of fusion training was well received by the Japanese skippers.

This tour is longest made by Singapore skippers and the immersion have made our skippers richer by the experience.

Evon Yak
Team manager
Japan tour 2009

All Japan Rope Skipping Championship results

Double Dutch Competition Japan snapshot

The Jumping Jewels with Caperoil the Overall champions of DDCJ 2009, open division.

DDF from Belgium where the Performance champion, open division. DDF was in Singapore recently for a performance.

Lapis Lazuli DD team Performance winners. open division.

J-Trap's Yusuke who performed in Singapore last year in December.

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All Japan
Rope Skipping Championship snapshot

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